Inspired and Formed by a Team of Rhode Island Professionals
Sanmenxia, China - 2010
Danli, Honduras - 2010
Our Story
            began with two occupational therapists who wanted to change the world by helping those affected by disability and poverty lead a better quality of life. Dahlia Castillo of El Paso, Texas and Carol Doehler of East Greenwich, Rhode Island came together with a shared vision: to become missionaries and use their knowledge and talents in occupational therapy. Instead of building houses or churches, they wanted to build meaningful lives…one person, one family, one clinic at a time.

In January 2007, Dahlia and Carol traveled to Juárez, Mexico to visit Fundación Integra, an agency started by families of children with disabilities. In Juárez, professional therapy services for children and adults with disabilities are limited and family members at left to provide most support. During this visit, families traveled from afar to the see the “therapistas de occupational”. Clients were evaluated and family members were taught methods to help make care at home more manageable. The clinic staff was trained in more up-dated therapy techniques. The change that was beginning to take place at the clinic and the gratitude from all those served was overwhelming and a promise was made to return.

In July 2007, 14 therapists returned to Juárez to work at Fundación Integra. During this two week mission, it became clear to Dahlia and Carol that there was a need to create an organization that could continue to serve the most vulnerable in countries where professional therapy services are limited or non-existent. And THERAPY MISSIONS, INC. was created.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”
                                                               Mahatma Gandhi
Therapy Missions Occupational Therapists
Since its conception, the goals of THERAPY MISSIONS, INC. are simple:
…. to TREAT children and adults with disabilities
…. to TEACH family members and caregivers how to care for and enhance the lives of their loved ones
…. to TRAIN the local staff of our mission partners in up to date therapy techniques
Our future is defined by the belief that we can change the world for
children and adults with disabilities throughout the world.
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