Providing Therapeutic Services to Mission Sites Thorughout the World.
September 2014: Montego Bay, Jamaica
A team of five therapists visited three orphanages for the first time. Therapy staff at these orphanages had participated in training during the March missions in Kingston, but had not had the opportunity to have a Therapy Missions team at their home. The team worked with the caregivers and therapy staff to redesign the spaces throughout the homes to bring more appropriate intervention to more residents. Toys were made and equipment was adapted. The team presented an entire day of workshops for all the of MSC therapy staff. One topic presented dealt with taking care of the caregivers and therapist, with proper lifting techniques and tips for staying healthy.
June 2014: Danli, Honduras
For our fifth mission to the town of Danli, Honduras, a team of 8 therapists and one nurse continued their work at the community clinic, working side by side with the local staff as they treated children and adults with a wide variety of disabilities. A team also worked at a school for children with disabilities and at a rural clinic set up for patients who cannot travel into town. The team spent a day at a nursing home where they instructed staff in leading gross motor groups and games with the residents. Home visits took place to support families in caring for their family member.
Danli, Honduras 2014
March 2014: Kingston, Jamaica
Therapy Missions continued its mission to Jamaica with a team of 20 occupational and physical therapist spending a week at 4 of the Mustard Seed Orphanages in Jamaica. The teams partnered with the therapy staff and developed ways to engage the residents in meaningful activities during the week. Ideas for structured individual and group activities were shared. Caregivers and therapy staff were taught proper positioning and ways to adapt activities so that all could participate.
December 2013: Juarez, Mexico
After a 5-year hold on our mission to Juarez, during which time a Therapy Missions occupational therapist from El Paso continued to provide treatment and consultation, Therapy Missions was able to travel back to Fundacion Integra. With a team of three therapists and four occupational therapy students, acting as interpreters, work continued in the clinic, teaching the caregivers and training the clinic staff. Children and adults with a wide variety of disabilities were seen. Home visits were made to families who could not travel to the clinic. It was good to be back to the clinic where Therapy Missions was started.
January 2007: Juarez, Mexico
Three occupational therapists volunteered at Fundación de Integra, an agency founded by parents to provide therapeutic services to over 300 children and adults with a variety of disabilities.
July 2007: Juarez, Mexico
Word spread of the needs in Juarez and the volunteer team grew in size and professional talents. Fourteen occupational and physical therapists from RI, MA, CT and TX, returned to Fundación de Integra to continue the work begun in January. Over 200 individuals received care. We demonstrated useful therapeutic techniques that families could replicate at home. The team also built adaptive equipment to make daily activities physically possible for those with disabilities. Workshops (translated to Spanish) educated caregivers on new techniques in sensory play, transfer methods, communication skills, feeding and positioning. The team expanded its service to a rural clinic, Niños de Luz. Home visits began with two families.
Juarez, Mexico - Picture 1
February 2008: Juarez, Mexico
Eight therapists spent a week at Fundación de Integra and its rural clinic, Niños de Luz. Having advanced knowledge that Therapy Missions was coming to Juarez, teachers from neighboring schools and educators from all over the state of Chihuahua visited Integra in order to learn from the TM team. We organized more home visits for severely disabled and housebound individuals in the surrounding rural regions. Our therapists successfully transformed and adapted the family's living environment in order to maximize independence for the children with disablities.

September 2007: Therapy Missions, Inc. was founded, becoming a non-profit organization.

Juarez, Mexico - Picture 2
February 2009: Juarez, Mexico
Our outreach expanded with volunteer therapists hailing from RI, PA, OH, UT and TX. While working at Fundación de Integra we conducted several workshops; for teachers and parents from a community clinic in La Escondida; they traveled over three hours to learn from us! The University of Juarez sent students to listen to our trainings and work with us. Our weeklong project was to design and construct a special room for the disabled children at Integra; it has since been dedicated “The Therapy Missions Sensory Room”.
March 2010: Danli, Honduras
For Therapy Missions’ second international destination, three therapists practiced at the Del Centro Rehabilitation Municipal Clinic for three days, treating children and adults, conducting OT/PT training sessions and crafting much needed adaptive equipment. Two days were spent trekking through the villages of La Jugua and Escuapa, where we hiked rural roads to evaluate and provide in-home treatment and adaptive equipment to individuals with disabilities.
June 2010: Sanmenxia, China
Our therapy team headed for this new global location, to assess the therapeutic needs at an orphanage with 80 children with disabilities. The local care-giving employees were taught (with the help of translators, of course!) basic occupational and physical therapy techniques, sensory play, positioning and feeding methods. We provided workshops and training on activities of daily living, alternative communication, physical rehabilitation and sensory processing.
Sanmenxia, China - Picture 1
March 2011: Danli, Honduras
Five therapists journeyed back to Central America for a week, continuing our work at the Del Centro De Rehabilitation Municipal Clinic. During the morning, we worked alongside the Honduran staff, treating patients and introducing new therapeutic techniques. There were scheduled daily workshops on positioning, rehabilitation techniques and building adaptive equipment and sensory toys. Afternoons were dedicated to home visits with patients unable to travel to the clinic.
September 2011: Sanmenxia, China
The orphanage had grown to house over 100 children with disabilities. We found that many of our recommendations from our first visit had been implemented and many of the children were thriving. During this second mission we continued to train the caregivers and therapy staff on techniques to maximize the potential of each child. Workshops were held each day. The favorite workshop was on “infant massage”.
Sanmenxia, China - Picture 2
January 2012: Kingston, Jamaica
At the invitation of the non-profit, Mustard Seed Community, three therapists traveled to Kingston, Jamaica to begin a partnership that would send Therapy Missions teams back to Jamaica to work at a group of orphanages for children, teens and adults with disabilities. We visited 4 orphanages and accessed the needs of each site. We held a series of workshops on positioning, feeding, sensory-motor play and
adaptive equipment.
March 2012: Danli, Honduras
Our third mission to Honduras brought us back to the Del Centro De Rehabilitation Municipal Clinic. Occupational and Physical Therapy treatments techniques were shared with the Honduran clinic staff in the morning as we worked side by side. Workshops on specific therapy topics were held at the lunch break. In the afternoon the clinic staff accompanied our teams as we made home visits and taught family members how to adapt their home to improve care and independence.
June 2012: Kingston, Jamaica
With 14 therapists Therapy Missions traveled back to Kingston, Jamaica to work at 4 orphanages, serving over 300 children, teens and adults with disabilities. We worked on projects such as wheelchair repair and adaptations and building a sensory room. We also held workshops on understanding and managing autism and proper positioning for children with cerebral palsy. We made adaptive toys and equipment and made recommendations for daily play and work activities.
Kingston, Jamaica 2013
March 2013: Kingston, Jamaica
Therapy Missions returned to Jamaica with 16 occupational and physical therapists to work at 6 Mustard Seed Orphanages throughout the country. Teams of therapists spent the week at each orphanage working side by side with the therapy staff and caregivers. The emphasis for this mission was on the establishment of daily individual and group activities for the residents. Adaptive communication devices and adaptive toys were made. At the orphanage that houses the adults, a team set up work and recreational programs for the residents. Workshops were held on the management of children with cerebral palsy and sensory processing disorders. Training of the staff continues through weekly meetings on Skype.
Danli, Honduras 2013
May 2013: Danli, Honduras
Six occupational therapists spent one week in Danli working at the community clinic that serves both children and adults with a variety of disabilities. Working side by side with the clinic therapy staff the Therapy Missions team saw approximately 110 patients during the week. In-services and workshops were held on topics including splinting, transfers and using play in therapy. The Therapy Missions team equipped and adapted an old playground next to a school for children with disabilities. Team members presented an evening on child deveopment to parents and grandparents at a local church. Teams of therapists made home visits to those clients who could not travel to the clinic. And time was spent at a “start-up” clinic in a rural community.
June 2013: Sanmenxia, China
For the third mission trip to the Welfare Center in Sanmenxia, China, six Therapy Missions’ therapists spent one week teaching and training the therapy staff and caregivers from the orphanage and other orphanages and hospitals that care for infants and children with disabilities. Teaching sessions were held each morning on topics that included understanding autism, understanding sensory processing disorders, managing behaviors, understanding the importance of play and encouraging language development. In the afternoon, the practical sessions were held to demonstrate with the children the ideas that were shared in the morning. Team members also spent time with the caregivers, demonstrating proper positioning, developmental stimulation for learning and feeding techniques.
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