Three key words define our purpose: TREAT, TEACH, and TRAIN
Goals and Purpose
Danli, Honduras - 2011
Danli, Honduras - 2011
The goals of this non-profit organization are to:
• Provide direct occupational and physical therapy services to children and adults with disabilities in parts of the world where these resources are scarce or do not exist at all;
• Transfer professional knowledge to individuals with disabilities and their families, as well as local practitioners, to enable them to be become more self sufficient;
• To adapt wheelchairs, build adaptive equipment and modify the environment where people live;
• Offer these services and equipment free of charge.
Three key words define our purpose: TREAT, TEACH, TRAIN
TREAT: We evaluate the needs of children and adults with disabilities and provide direct treatment. In the process, we strive to promote self-sufficiency and independence in the lives of those that we touch.

TEACH: As experienced professionals in the fields of occupational and physical therapy we share our knowledge, skills and talents with the caregivers of the disabled. We focus our efforts in regions of the world where trained rehabilitation professionals are scare or non-existent.

TRAIN: The focus of our visits to regions of the world that need rehabilitation services the most is to ensure that our impact is felt long after we leave. We accomplish this by conducting workshops and hands on training for local professionals and paraprofessionals, caregivers as well as individual’s with disabilities.
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